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Why Us? – Faster

• FASTER CONTRACT PREPARATION - Delivered Within 2-5 Days
• FASTER EXCHANGES - We Actively Pursue To Overcome Delays
• FASTER SETTLEMENTS - Shortest Achievable Completion Date

"You're in Safe Hands"

Alliance Conveyancing - Forster Taree and Tamworth

Put simply…

  • We are experienced
  • We are specialists, focused and dedicated just to conveyancing
  • We are fully backed by Expert Lawyers (Alliance Unity Law), with over 45 years of experience
  • We represent Banks and major institutions at settlements – likely that we will be helping in process of transferring your home at some stage
  • We have a wide range of customer support extra services, such as dedicated relationship support, as well as legal and town planning expertise
  • We have a long and proud reputation
  • We are committed to exceptional customer service
  • We believe that we are often cheaper than mainstream Conveyancers
  • We have a much broader range of skills than Conveyancers
  • We are friendly, efficient, and easy to deal with
  • We are Now, and we are the future, in a changing world of E-conveyancing

    • Operating continuously, and with distinction, for almost 50 years, we have helped many thousands of people to seamlessly navigate the legal processes and issues involved in buying or selling, and funding, their major life-time investment – their home.

For you, this means:

  • Confidence and peace of mind – our start in business dates back 45 years, to 1970. We have served continuously and with distinction and integrity always since then
  • You are assured of dedicated customer service support – we do the back-up and running around for you, to ensure that you, and your interests, come first
  • Best value for money – fixed price quotes, competitively priced (mostly cheaper, in total, than Licensed Conveyancers)
  • Solid Reputation –we represent major Banks and institutions at a high proportion of settlements
  • Full range of expert legal and Local Government planning support – no matter is too standard, or too complex
  • Superior turnaround and reporting systems
  • PEXA ready
  • Fully supported by Law Society and all insurance protections

When you use Alliance Conveyancing, you can be assured that you are being looked after by the best, most trusted and most qualified professionals in conveyancing.

Alliance Conveyancing - Forster Taree and Tamworth
Accredited PEXA Member
Accredited PEXA Member
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