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The Conveyancing Buying Process


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Buying a House? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

The time has come and you are ready to buy some property. But what do you need to know in order to get purchase your property? Follow the conveyancing buying process step by step below!

Step 1: Contract Review

If possible before you place an offer or pay a holding deposit, or in any event, before you commit, request a copy of the contract from the real estate agent and fill out our online form with all the details. We will review the contract for you for free* and advise you on the next steps. If you decide to go ahead with the purchase, we will then assist you in obtaining any necessary inspection reports, negotiate with the seller’s conveyancer on any contract amendments and get you ready to exchange.

*For Private Treaty matters, for auction matters by arrangement.

Step 2: Exchange of Contracts

If you buy at auction, contracts are exchanged, and become binding, at the auction.
Or you might purchase through “Private Treaty” – in other words, by offer and acceptance outside of the auction process.
For a Private Treaty matter, if your offer is accepted, and if the contract terms are agreed, we will then look after the ‘exchange of contracts’.
You should make sure that all of your finance is lined up, as, under NSW law, the commitment to buy will be binding once you exchange contracts. We will help you understand exactly how much money you need. We will also help you to get any savings or entitlements that you can obtain. These might include First Home Stamp Duty grants, Stamp Duty exemption entitlements, possible savings on borrowing costs, etc.
Usually, we will give you a total price, both for anticipated expenses by you in the purchase (called Disbursements), and our professional fees. Usually, all-up, these will be cheaper, or no more expensive, than other mainstream conveyancing companies. But you will save with us.
At this stage, two identical contracts are printed. One contract is signed by you, and the other is signed by the vendor. These contracts are then ‘exchanged’ so that each party holds the contract signed by the other party. You will pay the deposit (usually 10 percent) and the contracts will be dated. This is the moment the sale becomes binding.

Buying a House? Alliance Conveyancing can Help
Buying a House? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

Step 3: Conveyancing Process

Once the contracts have been exchanged, we will continue to guide you through the legal process, let you know what you need to do and when it needs to be done.
We will make all legal investigations, make sure that all of the obligation on both parties under the contract are performed, and satisfy all of the various processes in relation to satisfying your Lender of their document requirements.
We will liaise with the real estate agent, the vendor’s conveyancer and your lender to make arrangements for settlement.
We make sure that everything you’ve been promised under the contract, you get. We prepare all of the forms, make statutory enquiries, attend to stamping – everything needed for you to be fully compliant with the processes, and protected for your investment.

Step 4: Settlement

Settlement usually occurs 4-6 weeks after contracts have been exchanged.
It’s the day that you or your Lender, all requirements there having been fulfilled, will pay the outstanding amount on the property.
And this is the day that possession is given to you.
After settlement, we will obtain a copy of the Certificate of Title – the legal document that proves that you own the property.

Buying a House? Alliance Conveyancing can Help

Fees and Charges

As soon as you find a property that you’re interested in, ask for an electronic copy of the contract from the agent, fill in our online form and we’ll review it for free*. We’ll let you know if there are any clauses in the contract that need amending or anything else that you should be aware of before placing an offer. Of course, you are under no obligation to use our conveyancing services or purchase the property.
Once we know what is required for your conveyancing, we can advise you the professional fee and let you know about any other disbursements that you can expect along the way.
But in almost every standard conveyancing transaction, we’re willing and able to give you an “all up” fee quote. We regularly monitor the fees and charges of other mainstream conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors. We try hard always to be that little bit cheaper, and always that big bit better value.
Usually, therefore, we will provide you with a FIXED PRICE QUOTE*. Because of our experience, we are able to take a calculated risk on what will need to be outlaid in searches and enquiries for your property. We make an allowance, and will absorb any extra costs that might arise. We figure that this is a small risk, but better able to be carried by us than you.
Our fees are quoted exclusive of GST.

Whilst generally quoted by us as an all-up, fixed price, Conveyancing costs are comprised of two elements:

Professional Fees:
    This covers absolutely everything we do to manage your conveyancing, including:
  • Reviewing the contract and negotiating with the vendor’s solicitor for any amendments
  • Arranging building and pest inspections
  • Examining the strata inspection report (if applicable)
  • Looking after the formal exchange of the Contract of Sale
  • Arranging the payment of stamp duties
  • Ensuring that any outstanding arrears from the current owner are paid before you take possession (e.g. council or water rates).
  • Find out if any government authority has any current or future interest in the land.
  • Find out any information that may not have been previously disclosed
    (such as illegal building work)
  • Calculating adjustments for council and water rates for the property settlement
  • Liaising with your financial institution to arrange settlement
  • Attending settlement with the vendors conveyancer and your financial institution
  • Overseeing the change of title with the Department of Lands

    Disbursements are the out-of-pocket expenses incurred by us in completing your conveyancing. Disbursements that we allow for in our Fixed Price Fee Quote will comprise:
  • Title Search Fees
  • Extra search fees – for instance, to understand the precise terms and nature of dealings that might appear on the title to your property, including such as:
  • Any easements or restrictions upon use of the property, registered on title;
  • Any Caveats or claimed third party interests,
  • Any mortgages
  • Strata schemes, Community interest schemes, or the like
  • Registered Leases
  • Judgments, debt claims, etc
  • Statutory Authority interests – rates claims, resumption claims, etc
  • Council Zoning Certificates,
  • Rates Certificates – Council, Water, Land Tax, etc.
  • Government Authority Certificates
  • Disbursements that might be extra, according to whether you agree and ask us to obtain them, include enquiries like:
  • Strata Inspection Enquiries
  • Swimming Pool Compliance and operation certification
  • Pest Reports
  • Home Building Warranty
  • Maritime Lease enquiries and rental
  • Bank fees
  • Registration Fees
  • Mortgagee consent fees

We normally arrange to pay for these on your behalf, with you reimbursing us.
To the greatest extent predictable, we will always inform you what the total amount of these extra fees is likely to be, once we have discussed with you, and agreed, what additional investigations you want us to undertake.
Accredited PEXA Member
Accredited PEXA Member
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